Fortune Favors Firoz Mangroe

Jan 10, 2020

Firoz Mangroe

Li Chen opens the action on the cutoff, making it 2,500 to play. Firoz Mangroe is sat in the small blind and he three-bets to 7,500. Back on Chen and he instantly moves all in, with Mangroe snap-calling.

Firoz Mangroe: Heart AClub Q
Li Chen: Club ASpade K

The board hits for Mangroe, as he pairs his queen on the Heart 8Heart QHeart 7 board. He also picks up a flush draw, leaving Chen with only two live outs and a runner runner straight draw.

The turn is the Diamond A and the river the Diamond 6, locking it up for Mangroe. He has the shorter stack and the dealer confirms that Chen has to pay 62,500. Despite the hit, he is still in good shape with the average at 66,000.

Firoz Mangroe – 127,000
Li Chen – 94,000

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