Francisco Fragoso Out in 50th Place ($8,630)

Aug 27, 2014

After a flop of [10h7c4c], Huy Le bets 17,000 from the small blind, Gene OLeary calls UTG+1, and Francisco Fragoso reraises from middle position to 82,000.

Lee Markholt folds from middle position, Le calls, and OLeary moves all in. Fragoso calls, and Le folds, claiming he had the nut flush draw.

Fragoso shows [4d4h] for a set of fours, but OLeary turns over [10d10s] for a set of tens. Fragoso needs to catch the last remaining four in the deck to stay alive.

The turn is the [3d], the river is the [Kh], and OLeary wins the pot with his set of tens to eliminate Fragoso from the tournament.

Gene OLeary  –  810,000  (101 bb)
Huy Le  –  588,000  (72 bb)
Francisco Fragoso  –  Eliminated in 50th Place  ($8,630)

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