Francois Tosques Takes Commanding Lead

Sep 30, 2018

Within two big hands, Jaouad Abida loses a big portion of his stack and both times it is Francois Tosques that benefits from it to take a commanding lead with three players remaining.

Abida bets 350,000 on the [Kh7h3sKc[/pc] turn and gets called, then bets another 500,000 on the Heart Q river. Tosques calles once more and gets shown the Heart AClub 6, which Tosques has beat with Diamond 10X XX X for kings and tens.

Then, Tosques raises to 400,000 out of the small blind and Abida calls in the big blind. Tosques bets the Heart 8Diamond 2Spade 2 flop for 325,000, Abida raises to 325,000 and Tosques calls. The Heart 3 on the turn brings a check-call by Tosques for 700,000 and they immediately check through a ten on the river.

Tosques shows the Spade 8Heart 7 for eights and deuces, and rakes in another vital point.

Francois Tosques – 9,300,000 (93bb)
Jaouad Abida – 1,800,000 (18bb)

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