Frank Defuso Doubles Through Brandon Cantu

Feb 26, 2016

Frank Defuso
We arrive at the table just in time to see a preflopĀ blind vs. blind raising war between Frank Defuso in the small blind and Brandon Cantu in the big blind. The end result is Defuso moving all in for 57,500 and Cantu making the call.

Defuso: Diamond AClub K
Cantu: Club 8Heart 8

The dealer fans a flop of Diamond QClub 5Spade 2 and Cantu’s pocket eights remain in the lead. The turn brings the Spade J and Defuso adds a gutshot straight draw to go along with his two over cards. The Diamond K completes the board and Defuso spikes his king on the river earning him the pot and the double up.

Frank Defuso- 115,900
Brandon Cantu- 17,000

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