Frank Funaro Gets a Double Knockout

Apr 25, 2021

Frank Funaro

A three-way preflop all-in scenario ensues with Dylan Wilkerson having a shot to triple up after getting his 145,000 into the middle from the hijack. Frank Funaro (pictured) is in the cutoff and has both Wilkerson and a player on the button all in for his 500K stack as well.

Dylan Wilkerson: Heart ASpade 10
Player on the Button: Club ASpade K
Frank Funaro: Club 10Heart 10

Funaro holds as the runout comes Club 5Heart 8Heart JDiamond 3Diamond 8 and he knocks both players out, surpassing 2 million along the way.

Frank Funaro – 2,137,000 (178 bb)
Dylan Wilkerson – Eliminated

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