Frank Toscano Doubles Thru Keith Crowder

Jan 30, 2014

Matthew Parry raises from the cutoff to 52,000, Keith Crowder calls from the button, David Paredes calls from the small blind, and Frank Toscano moves all in from the big blind for 490,000.

Parry thinks for a bit before he folds, and Crowder asks for an exact count, thinks for a bit and calls. Paredes quickly folds.

Toscano turns over [8c8s], and he’ll need it to hold to stay alive against Crowder’s [KhQs].

The board comes [Qc6c4h3c4c] — Crowder pairs his queen on the flop, but Toscano rivers a club flush to win the pot and double up in chips.

Frank Toscano  –  1,119,000  (46 bb)
Keith Crowder  –  2,270,000  (94 bb)

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