Frank Winkler Fills Up

Jan 11, 2020

Action is on the turn on an Spade 8Diamond 5Club JClub 4 board and three players are still in, one bets 5,600 into the pot and Christoforos Chrysochoidis moves all in for 22,800. Frank Winkler then announces his all in, for around 35,000 and it is enough to convince the initial better to pass.

Frank Winkler: Spade JHeart J
Christoforos Chrysochoidis: Heart 7Heart 6

It is set versus a straight and the river falls Spade 4 to pair the board and improve Winkler to a full house. He is on the up, whereas Chrysochoidis needs to re-enter to stay in contention.

Frank Winkler – 70,000
Christoforos Chrysochoidis – eliminated

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