Freddy Deeb vs. Nick Petrangelo

Feb 27, 2016

Freddy Deeb

Following the turn of an Spade ASpade 9Diamond 7Diamond 4 board, Bob Bounahra checks from the big blind and Mark Newhouse checks from early position. Champions Club member Freddy Deeb (pictured) bets 1,500 from the hijack, Nick Petrangelo calls from the button, and both Bounahra and Newhouse fold.

The river is the Diamond 8 and Deeb bets 2,200. Petrangelo raises to 25,000, easily covering the 9,000-ish Deeb has behind.

After a little while in the tank, Deeb flashes the Diamond 10 and folds.

Nick Petrangelo  –  34,000  (170 bb)
Freddy Deeb  –  9,000  (45 bb)

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