Fredrik Andersson Doubles Through Joseph Mouawad

Feb 18, 2020

Four players are in on a Club 4Club 10Spade 8 flop and two check to Joseph Mouawad on the cutoff who bets 6,000. Only Fredrik Andersson calls.

The Heart 9 turn brings a couple of straight possibilities to add to the flush draw and Mouawad barrels 10,000, which Andersson calls.

When the Diamond 6 completes the board, Mouawad sets his opponent all in and Andersson calls 14,800 more.

Fredrik Andersson: Spade 9Spade 7
Joseph Mouawad: Spade AClub A

Rockets have been cracked by a rivered straight and Andersson gets a full double up, while Mouawad is left short.

Fredrik Andersson – 82,000
Joseph Mouawad – 10,000

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