Froch Out But Not Down

Nov 15, 2014

Carl Froch Carl Froch may have busted here on Day 2, but it’s clear that the four-time World Champion has had a blast.

Joking on his table,  Froch found out that Nick Holbrook, who was sat opposite the Nottinghamshire legend, bet on George Groves to win the second fight between the two men – where of course, Froch turned in one of the best British boxing performances in years to flatten his rival. 

"So you owe me money, Carl."

"How can you bet on him when I won the first match?" 

Holbrook went on to explain how the sway was with Groves, that people thought he could win., and he went along with that thinking. 

"Maybe I owe you money, really," quipped Froch. "That fight sold out from people thinking he could beat me. You made me ten million really." 

Froch went out soon after, losing his last after a shove with 15,000 and [Ac5c] whcih was called – and beaten – by Slav Melnikov’s [9d9h]. 

For someone who really isn’t used to knockouts, he took it like a man.  He’s signed books for fans and will be back at the Players’ Party later! Champion.

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