From Yes to "Oh No" For O'Brien

Feb 28, 2016

Sometimes, players are only concerned about their hand and the cards that will help their hand when they’re all-in and at risk. Unfortunately, Edward O’Brien just hit one of those cards, to help his hand and momentarily give him the impression that he was still alive in this WPTDS Big Stax XV event.

He was drawing dead when the chips got in though, as he moved all-in on a board of Club 10Spade 10Club 5Heart Q. David Zemel called the 150,000 chip shove and then another player folded to see Zemel table Diamond KDiamond 10. O’Brien held Heart ASpade J and while he thought he had outs on the river, he didn’t.

One of those “outs” came, as the Heart K completed the board and brought with it a shout from O’Brien.

“Yes!” he said, only to have Zemel interject, “I have a full house.”

“Oh no!” O’Brien said, putting his head in his hands as he realized that no matter was the river was, he was heading to the rail. Eventually, O’Brien collected his things and headed to the rail, while Zemel stacked up just under 850,000 heading towards the start of Level 21.

David Zemel – 840,000

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