Fuller House

Feb 22, 2016

Peter Jetten raises preflop UTG+1 and Letterio Oliva reraises all in on the hijack. Zheng Wei reraises all in over the top of him and action is back on Jetten. He decides to fold and the two remaining players reveal their cards.

Wei: Club AClub J
Oliva: Heart 6Spade 6

Board: Diamond ASpade 7Diamond 6Diamond 7Heart 7

A six hits in the window, and the excitement in the hand didn’t let up from there. Wei found an ace on the flop, and then he hit runner-runner sevens to improve to a better full house on the river after Oliva made one on the turn. Oliva is eliminated on the hand, and despite collecting the pot, Wei is also eliminated from the tournament a few hands later.

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