Gabel is Gone; Andersson Needs a Miracle

Apr 18, 2018

Vincent Gabel
Frederik Andersson and Fatih Aydin clashed in a big preflop all in that saw Andersson turn over the Club AClub Q and Aydin held the dominating Spade ADiamond K. The board came Heart ASpade KSpade 10Diamond 5Club 5 and Aydin doubled for 98,800, leaving Andersson with crumbs, the remaining chips also went to Aydin.

Vincent Gabel was all in for 30,000 with the Heart 7Spade 7 and Noah Boeken called with the Club AClub 6. On a board of Spade ASpade 6Club 5Heart 9Diamond A, Boeken improved to a full house and that was it for Gabel.

Fatih Aydin – 220,000
Noah Boeken – 80,000
Fredrik Andersson – Eliminated
Vincent Gabel – Eliminated

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