Gabriel Schaucash Eliminates Two

Sep 6, 2014

Gabriel Schaucash Gabriel Schaucash has eliminated two players in one fell swoop, and boy did we hear about it.

By the time we arrive at the table we see a board of [5s] [4s] [3d] [7d] [7s], Schaucash’s winning hand of [Ks] [2s], and a pile of chips heading into his direction.

From what we can gather there was a raise to 400, Sevket Yildaz called, Schaucash raised to 1,200, a fourth player moved all-in for 2,100, the initial raiser made it 3,800 and both Yildaz and Schaucash called.

Flop: [5s] [4s] [3d]

The initial raiser checked, Yildaz bet 1,100, Schaucash called and the initial raiser folded.

Turn: [7d]

Yildaz moved all-in, for around 12,000, and after several minutes in the tank Schaucash called.

The first player – who was all-in – was holding pocket sixes for the straight, Yildaz showed [Ax] [Qx] for the wheel draw and over cards, and Schaucash was holding [Ks] [2s] for the spade flush draw.

River: [7s]

Cue the cries of joy.

Schaucash now has 70,000.

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