Gary Brakke Eliminated in 4th Place ($9,964.50)

Oct 23, 2017

Gary Brakke
Gary Brakke (pictured) moves all in for 405,000 and Joe Villhauer calls from the big blind. Brakke shows 5h5c and is flipping with the AdQc of Villhauer.

They see a flop of 6h6dTc and Brakke’s pocket fives maintain the lead. The dealer burns and turns the As and Brakke pairs his ace to take control of the hand.

Brakke will need one of the remaining two fives in the deck to stay alive but the Thriver seals the deal for Villhauer. Brakke is eliminated in 4th place taking home $9,964.50 for his WPTDS Iowa Main Event efforts.

Joe Villhauer- 895,000 (17 bb)
Gary Brakke- Eliminated in 4th place ($9,964.50)

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