Gaurav Chauhan Doubles Thru Arjun Arora

Nov 13, 2017

Gaurav Chauhan moves all in preflop for 355,000 from the small blind, and Arjun Arora calls to cover him after originally raising on the button. The two players then flip over their cards.

Chauhan: Diamond ADiamond 10
Arora: Diamond KHeart 6

Board: Diamond JDiamond 5Heart 3Club 8Club 3

The ace-kicker is enough for Chauhan to double up and survive with 970,000, and Arora is still cruising with 5.2 million.

Gaurav Chauhsn – 970,000 (8 bb)
Arjun Arora – 5,200,000 (43 bb)

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