Gavin Griffin vs. Bryce Yockey

Aug 24, 2014

Bryce Yockey opens to 1,600 from under the gun and Gavin Griffin three-bets to 4,100 from the next seat. Action folds around to Yockey who calls to see a [Th9h7d] flop.

Yockey check-calls 4,000 from Griffin, the [Ah] lands on the turn and Yockey check-calls another 10,000 from Griffin. The [2s] river completes the board and Yockey checks for a third time. Griffin bets effectively 26,000 and Yockey flashes [JdJh] as he folds.

Griffin shows Yockey the [Ac] as he collects the pot.

Gavin Griffin – 95,000
Bryce Yockey – 26,000

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