Gediminas Uselis Spikes Ace to Double through Adam Hendrix

Nov 24, 2023

Gediminas Uselis
Photo:  Gediminas Uselis

After a preflop raise by Uri Kadosh to 5,100 on the button, Adam Hendrix moves all in for close to 80,000 and the action is now on Gediminas Uselis to his left. After tanking for quite a while, Uselis moves all in for 50,700 and the action is back to Kadosh. 

“Wow!” he remarks, “That just made things interesting!”

“Yeah, I don’t think I can do it,” he finally admits as he folds Diamond JSpade J face-up. He quickly realizes that was a good decision as Hendrix then tables Heart KSpade K followed by the Heart AClub K of Uselis.

Unfortunately for Hendrix, the board runs out Heart 2Heart 10Spade QSpade ASpade 3to give Uselis the ace on the turn to take the big pot for a full double-up. 

Gediminas Uselis – 110,000 (220 bbs)
Adam Hendrix – 25,000 (50 bbs)
Uri Kadosh – 35,000 (70 bbs)

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