Gene OLeary Forces Jimmy Lee to a Decision

Aug 28, 2014

Gene OLeary vs Jimmy Lee
Owen Crowe raises from the button to 47,000, Gene OLeary (left) calls from the small blind, and Jimmy Lee (right) calls from the big blind.

The flop comes [Ks10d5d], and it checks to Crowe, who bets 62,000. OLeary calls, and Lee check-raises to 180,000. Crowe folds, and OLeary calls.

The turn card is the [4d], and OLeary moves all in. Lee has about 500,000 left, and he tanks for a long time before he folds [KcJd] (pair of kings) face up. 

OLeary shows [9d8d] for a nine-high flush draw as he collects the pot.

Gene OLeary  –  1,380,000  (69 bb)
Jimmy Lee  –  500,000  (25 bb)

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