Gene OLeary Out in 13th Place ($19,420)

Aug 28, 2014

Gene OLeary Eliminated by Tyler Cornell 2
Tyler Cornell (left) raises to 55,000 and Gene OLeary (right) moves all-in from the button for around 475,000.

Cornell stares OLeary down and starts to ask him questions, attempting to elicit a reaction.  Cornell tells him, "You’re always so talkative when you have a big hand."

OLeary says nothing, so Cornell takes a few more seconds before calling with [KhJh]. OLeary turns over [Kc10h] and needs some help to survive.

He gets no help from the [8h6h2h] flop, as it gives Cornell a flush and leaves OLeary drawing nearly dead. The turn is the [6d] and the river the [Ah] and OLeary is eliminated.

Tyler Cornell  –  2,770,000  (115 bb)
Gene OLeary  –  Eliminated in 13th place  ($19,420)

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