Geoffrey Hum Wins WPT Montreal (CA$500,000); Adedapo Ajayi Eliminated in 2nd Place (CA$335,000)

Nov 3, 2019

Geoffrey Hum Adedapo Ajayi

Hand #155: From the button, Adedapo Ajayi (pictured right) raises to 800,000 and Geoffrey Hum (pictured left) calls in the big blind.

The flop lands Heart 4Heart 6Diamond K and Hum checks. Ajayi continues for 800,000 and Hum responds with a check-raise to 2,600,000. Ajayi uses a time extension chip, and then announces a three-bet totaling 6,900,000.

It is now Hum’s turn to use a time extension before shoving all in for roughly 25 million. Ajayi calls all in for 17,500,000 total.

Ajayi: Heart JHeart 9
Hum: Heart KHeart 7

Ajayi is at risk with his inferior flush draw, and with Hum holding the stronger flush draw and top pair, Ajayi will need to find a runner-runner to either trips or two pair.

The turn is the Heart A giving Hum the checkmark as the Spade 10 completes the river to send Ajayi to the rail in second place for a CA$335,000 payday.

Geoffrey Hum Adedapo Ajayi

Geoffrey Hum wins Season XVIII WPT Montreal for CA$500,000, along with the $15,000 entry into the season-ending Tournament of Champions.

WPT Montreal Final Table Results
1st: Geoffrey Hum – CA$500,000*
2nd: Adedapo Ajayi – CA$335,000
3rd: Joseph Cheong – CA$235,290
4th: Mike Watson – CA$180,000
5th: Kristen Bicknell – CA$140,000
6th: Martin Jacobson – CA$110,000
* First-prize amount includes the winner’s $15,000 entry into the season-ending Tournament of Champions.

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