Girish Reknar Eliminated by Chris Lee in 14th Place ($21,820)

May 24, 2023

Girish Reknar

After Girish Reknar (pictured) limped under the gun, Joshua Lachman moves all in on the button for 475,000. After using a time bank, Reknar elects to call for almost all of his chips.

Joshua Lachman: Club ASpade Q
Girish Reknar: Club 4Diamond 4

The board comes Diamond 8Diamond QHeart 6Club 9Spade 2, pairing Lachman’s queen to give him a double up and leave Reknar on fumes.

In the following hand, Reknar is in the big blind and after three limpers, he gets his last 15,000 in the middle on an Spade AClub 3Diamond J flop. Chris Lee isolates a call from Travis Egbert who then folds to put Reknar at risk.

Girish Reknar: Club AClub 5
Chris Lee: Diamond ADiamond 8

The board completes Spade 10Diamond 4, eliminating Reknar, and leaving the field with 13 players.

Chris Lee – 2,000,000 (66 bb)
Joshua Lachman – 1,025,000 (34 bb)
Girish Reknar – eliminated in 14th place ($21,820)

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