Giuseppe Iadisernia Eliminated by Matt Affleck

Jan 18, 2020

Matt Affleck raises to 2,700 from middle position, John Dollinger calls from the button, Giuseppe Iadisernia calls from the small blind and the player in the big blind calls.

The flop is Diamond JSpade 6Heart 10, Iadisernia leads for 3,700 and only Affleck calls.

The turn is the Heart 3, Iadisernia checks, Affleck bets 8,000, Iadisernia check-raises to 22,500 and Affleck calls.

The river is the Diamond 4, Iadisernia shoves for 45,500 and Affleck thinks for a bit before he calls.

Iadisernia shows Club JSpade 9, but Affleck has Diamond QHeart J to win the pot to score the elimination.

Matt Affleck – 235,000
Giuseppe Iadisernia – Eliminated

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