Glasby Getting The Lot...Again!

Nov 11, 2014

After pulling off a superb move at the table earlier here on Day 1C of the WPT500 at Dusk til Dawn, Amber Glasby is fast turning into the Robin Hood of this Nottingham-based tournament.  

Amber calls the raise of 12,000 by her opponent on a board of [5c6h5d7h] with a pot worth 36k waiting to be won.  This is before shoving all-in on the river for 36k! Her opponent folds, but this time, Amber doesn’t show the table. She’s up to 92k and aboslutely crushing right now. 

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve lost ‘Lil’ Dave Nicholson, who told us that his move all-in with pocket fives and twelve big blinds was ultimately doomed when he ran into aces. Pretty cold deck, but he’s warming up nicely on the lively cash table at the top of the room, just chilling next to Skalie, Andre Hulme and Julian Thew. Some great names here in Sherwood Forest county this week. 

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