Glasby Owning The Table

Nov 11, 2014

D8A_2526 On a table that includes ‘Lil’ Dave Nicholson and Chris Sly, there aren’t too many spots for the less experienced players to really make their mark and take table control. Amber Glasby (pictured) has just found one, and it was the cause of much mirth at the felt here at WPT500 Nottingham at Dusk til Dawn.

Amber raises to 1,500 pre-flop, while Alan Jacobson raises to 3,500. Chris Sly makes the call, as does Amber. The flop comes [Ac2h4c] and Jacobson leads for 5100, prompting a quick call from Sly. No such call from Amber Glasby, as she raises all-in for the best part of 30,000! 

Both Jacobson and Sly fold and she shows the table [5h5s] ! 

"She just owned the pair of you." one tabemate comments. It’s hard to argue with that, and within seconds of winning that pot, Amber is moved from the table to balance things up in the room. 

Hit and run! 

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