Gleb Tremzin Eliminated in a Car Crash of the Hand

Sep 8, 2014

Gleb Tremzin (left) and Alexander Lakhov (right) Gleb Tremzin (left) explaining what happened to Alexander Lakhov (right)

What a mess over at Table 1 just moments ago.

It was a three way all-in involving Gleb Tremzin (JJ), Nicolay Langfeldt (QQ) and Abbas Morady (AA).

The board ran out [Ks] [7s] [2s] [8d] [Ts] and Morady tripled up because he was holding the ace of spades.

The net result was a stack of 320,000 for Morady, 70,000 for Langfeldt, and a day at the beach for Tremzin.

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