Gone But Not Forgotten

Nov 15, 2014

Ian Simpson Several players have said goodbye since we did a round of the room, and as players enjoy a well-earned break, let’s bring you their exits in brief.

Mike Sexton may love a monster pot, but its been monster hands that have done the damage to him today, and if it wasn’t for bad luck, he’d have had no luck at all!  

Mike lost with aces against kings all-in pre-flop, which would have been worth 200,000 if he’d won it. 

Chihao Tsang ran A-K into pocket aces and then got his last in with A-3, called by A-Q, which held to bust him. 

Arthur Albiston doubled with a straight, made a little profit with aces, but then lost a big flip for his tournament life when pocket queens couldn’t survive a board against Ace-King. 

And Ian Simpson (pictured) got his last ten big blinds into the middle with Q-K only to run into pocket kings.  

328 players are left, only 200 will make the min cash of £1,000. 

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