Good For The Heart

Nov 12, 2014

There’s nothing like poker to stimulate your senses. the players can taste victory out there, the sweet smell of success, and visualise the prize with the stunning WPT Trophy within – literally – arms reach at the front of Dusk til Dawn.  

There’s plenty of talk of course, too, which leaves the touching distance some players come to winning a pot…or losing it. 

Adam Latimer has hovered around the top of the leaderboard for much of the day, and he bet 3,600, which was raised by Jack Allen to 7,200. Call from Latmier, and the two men alone see a flop of [8c5d4h]. Latimer check-calls 7,200 from Allen, and check-calls again on the tur of [2s]. On the river of [3c] Allen bets 22,000 from around 30,000 and Latmier makes the call, showing [AsQh] for the rivered ‘wheel’. Allen flips over [AcJh] and the two men chop it up, smiles all round. 

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