Grabel Eliminates Jaffee

Feb 28, 2016

Kevin Grabel
Kevin Grabel raises to 28,000 from early position andĀ itĀ folds to Jared Jaffee on the button. Jaffee reraises to 75,000 and with the action back on Grabel he makes it 157,000. Jaffee moves all in for 300,000 on top, Grabel beats him into the pot and the hands are shown.

Jared Jaffee: Diamond 10Club 10
Grabel: Heart ASpade A

Grabel is in great shape to score the elimination holding pockets aces. He does just that when the board runs out clean Diamond 9Heart 7Spade 7Heart QDiamond K earning Grabel the pot and sending Jaffee to the rail.

With that pot Grabel adds to his chip lead and is now playing a stack of 1,600,000.

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