Grant Lang Knocks Julio Belluscio Down to 12 bb

Nov 6, 2014

Grant Lang
Frederic Maniez raises under the gun to 5,000, Grant Lang (pictured above) calls from the cutoff, Julio Belluscio calls from the button, and George Griffith calls from the big blind.

The flop comes [Qd7h5s], and action checks to Lang, who bets 12,000. Belluscio calls, and Griffith and Maniez both fold.

The turn card is the [Kh], Lang checks, Belluscio bets 12,000, and Lang calls.

The river card pairs the board with the [Qh], Lang checks, Belluscio bets 25,000, and Lang calls with [Kc3c] for two pair, kings and queens. Belluscio mucks, and Lang takes the pot.

Grant Lang  –  350,000  (145 bb)
Julio Belluscio  –  30,000  (12 bb)

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