Grant Lang Out in 15th Place; Elias Up to 660K

Nov 6, 2014

Grant Lang_WPT Caribbean_S13_Day 3_Giron_8JG1959
Grant Lang (pictured) raises UTG+1 to 7,500, WPT Borgata Poker Open champion Darren Elias reraises from the hijack to 19,000, and Lang calls.

The flop comes [Ah9d6s], Lang bets 22,000, and Elias calls.

The turn is the [7h], Lang bets 39,000, and Elias calls.

The river card pairs the board with the [7s], and Lang bets 60,000, leaving himself about 40,000 behind. Elias pauses for a moment and says, "All in."

Lang snap-calls with [7c6c] for a full house, sevens full of sixes. But Elias turns over [9c9s] to win the pot with a higher full house, nines full of sevens, eliminating Lang from the tournament.

Darren Elias  –  660,000  (220 bb)
Grant Lang  –  Out in 15th Place  ($4,920)

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