Grant Lang vs. Julio Belluscio

Nov 5, 2014

Grant Lang raises under the gun to 2,800, Julio Belluscio calls UTG+1, Pascale Bendavid calls from the hijack, Ziga Janwikar calls from the small blind, and Barry Shulman calls from the big blind.

All five players check to the turn on a board of [As4h3s7dKd], and Janwikar bets 5,500. Shulman folds, Lang calls, Belluscio calls, and Bendavid folds.

The river card is the [Kd], Janwikar checks, and Lang bets 10,000. Belluscio calls, and Janwikar folds. Lang shows [AhQs] to win the pot with a pair of aces, and Belluscio mucks.

Grant Lang  –  265,000  (220 bb)

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