Greene With Envy

Nov 9, 2014

David Greene led the action at our only nine-handed table here in Level 1 (all the others are eight-handed), raising pre-flop from under-the-gun to 225. That polite raise got four calls, and the quintet saw the flop of [5d7dKh]. Green, undeterred, led out to 650, with only Vasile Stancu riding along for the turn, which brought the [8d]. 

That seemed to put off Greene, who checked to his opponent, but Stancu wasn’t content to slow down. He bet 2,500, and Greene eventually called. The river of [6h] did not put Stancu off thinking he had the best of it, and after being checked to for a second time in the hand, he flung in 5k. 

Greene gave it up, looking rueful over making that expensive call on the turn.  

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