Greg Gliner Eliminated By Huy Le in Controversial Pot

Aug 27, 2014

(Some details relayed to us by Matt Salsberg)

With the board reading [Td4s2h], Greg Gliner is facing a bet from Huy Le. Gliner, with headphones on, then utters the words "All in", and that’s where his problems began.

It is unclear whether he asks it as a question or whether he says it as is, and the table is split about that.


The floorperson rules that since the only words said were the words "all in," the action is binding. Le quicky calls.

Gliner: [6c3c]
Le: [QdQc]

The [Qs] turn gives Le a set, the [Ad] river is no help to Gliner and Le scores the elimination.

Following the hand, the staff spent a moment clarifying the ruling to table and advising them to use caution in their choice of words when involved in a pot.

Huy Le – 700,000 (116 bb)
Greg Gliner – Eliminated in 57th Place

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