Gregg Doubles Thru Elias Before Being Eliminated by Chidwick

Feb 28, 2016

Tony Gregg

In a battle between two WPT champions, Anthony Gregg (pictured) is all in preflop with 5-5, and he needs his hand to hold to stay alive against the K-Q of Darren Elias.

The flop comes Q-Q-3 to give Elias the lead with trip queens, but Gregg rivers a 5 to win the pot with a full house, fives full of queens. Gregg doubles up.

However, Gregg’s run-good is short-lived, as he was eliminated by Stephen Chidwick within the next 10 minutes or so.

Stephen Chidwick  –  218,000  (136 bb)
Darren Elias  –  38,000  (24 bb)
Anthony Gregg  –  Eliminated

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