Hamid Hits A Double-Up

Nov 16, 2014

With a sizeable Geordie rail, Hamid Rowshaenei has doubled through Matt Noonan to get right back into this WPT500 final table with five players left.

Raising in the small blind, Hamid called Noonan’s shove quicker than you can say ‘dominated’.

Hamid: [AdKc] 
Matthew: [As5s] 

No drama on the board came and Hamid wins, lapping up the cheers from his friends in the middle tier. 

Here are the latest chip-counts, with James Parker now very, very short. 

Seat 2 – James Parker – 1.45 million chips 
Seat 3 – Hamid Rowshanei – 12.7m 
Seat 4 – Matthew Noonan – 23.5m 
Seat 5 – Derek Payne – 15.5m 
Seat 6 – Eleanor Gudge – 9.6m 

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