Hand #10: Phil Laak

Sep 21, 2014

Vanessa Selbst raises from middle position to 14,000, Phil Laak calls from the small blind, and Tony Dunst calls from the big blind.

All three players check to the turn on a board of [Jh6h5d5s], and Laak bets 22,000. Dunst calls, and Selbst folds.

The river card is the [2c], and both players check. Dunst shows [7h4h] for seven high, but Laak turns over [9s7s] to win the pot with nine high.

Seat 1.  Antonio Esfandiari  –  215,000
Seat 2.  Phil Laak  –  496,000
Seat 3.  Tony Dunst  –  158,000
Seat 4.  Scotty Nguyen  –  288,000
Seat 5.  Vanessa Selbst  –  180,000
Seat 6.  David Williams  –  163,000

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