Hand #103: Larry Greenberg

May 5, 2018

Larry Greenberg opens to 25,000 and both Danny Qutami and Jim Collopy call in the blinds.

The flop lands Club KDiamond 2Spade 2 and Greenberg continues for 30,000 with only Qutami calling.

The turn is the Diamond 5 and once Qutami checks, Greenberg bets 75,000.

Qutami calls, and then checks the Spade 7 on the river as Greenberg bets 150,000.

Qutami uses one of his time extension buttons, and then calls.

Greenberg tables his Heart KHeart 5 for kings-up, and Qutami mucks.

Larry Greenberg – 1,680,000
Danny Qutami – 450,000

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