Hand #106: Leon Sturm Doubles Thru Mike Vanier

Jul 17, 2022

Leon Sturm
Photo:  Leon Sturm

HAND #106  –  Leon Sturm raises from the button to 2,900,000, Mike Vanier reraises from the small blind, and Sturm calls all in from the big blind for 5,400,000 with Spade ASpade 9.

Sturm turns over Spade 7Club 7, and he needs his hand to hold to stay alive.

The board comes Spade KHeart 8Spade 3Heart KClub 10, and Vanier flops a spade flush draw, but improves no further. Sturm wins the pot with his pocket sevens to double up in chips.

Leon Sturm  –  11,400,000  (38 bb)
Mike Vanier  –  15,700,000  (52 bb)

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