Hand #107: Tony Sinishtaj Doubles Thru Dan Colman

Apr 5, 2017

Tony Sinishtaj

Tony Sinishtaj (pictured) raises from the button to 475,000, Dan Colman moves all in from the big blind, and Sinishtaj quickly calls all in for 4,475,000 with Spade ADiamond J. Colman turns over Spade 4Heart 4, and Sinishtaj needs to improve to stay alive.

The board comes Heart QClub 6Spade 2Heart AClub J, and Sinishtaj pairs his ace on the turn and his jack on the river to win the pot with two pair and double up in chips.

Seat 1.  Tony Sinishtaj  –  9,150,000
Seat 2.  Darryll Fish  –  9,225,000
Seat 3.  Dan Colman  –  10,600,000
Seat 6.  Robert Mizrachi  –  7,225,000

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