Hand #110: David Williams Doubles Thru Phil Laak

Sep 21, 2014

David Williams min-raises to 80,000, and Phil Laak calls.

The flop comes [10s9h6c], Laak checks, Williams bets 80,000, and Laak raises to an unknown amount.

Williams moves all in for about 590,000, and Laak snap-calls with [10h9s] for top two pair, tens and nines. Williams turns over [9c9d] for a set of nines, and he needs it to hold to stay alive.

The turn card paris the board with the [6d], the river is the [6h], and Williams wins the pot with a full house, nines full of sixes, to double up in chips.

Phil Laak  –  150,000
David Williams  –  1,350,000

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