Hand #111: Robert Mizrachi Wins a Big Pot Against Leon Sturm; Sturm Down to Seven Big Blinds

Jul 17, 2022

Robert Mizrachi
Photo:  Robert Mizrachi

HAND #111  –  Leon Sturm raises UTG/cutoff to 600,000, and Robert Mizrachi calls from the small blind. The flop comes Spade 3Spade 2Heart 2, Mizrachi checks, Sturm bets 450,000, and Mizrachi check-raises to 1,600,000. Sturm calls.

The turn card is the Club 10, Mizrachi bets 2,400,000, and Sturm calls. The river card is the Club K, Mizrachi bets 4,500,000, and Sturm uses three Time Chips to tank for nearly two minutes before he calls.

Mizrachi shows Club AClub 2 to win the pot with trip deuces, and Sturm mucks.

Robert Mizrachi  –  34,250,000  (114 bb)
Leon Sturm  –  2,000,000  (7 bb)

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