Hand #113: Hari Varma Chips Away At George Psarras

Oct 7, 2019

Hari Varma

Hari Varma (pictured) calls from the button. George Psarras checks from the big blind.

The flop comes Heart 9Heart 3Club 3 and Psarras checks. Varma bets 120,000. Psarras snap-calls.

The turn brings the Spade 10 and Psarras checks. Varma bets 275,000. Psarras raises to 550,000. Varma calls.

The Diamond J completes the board and Psarras bets out 850,000. Varma contemplates for a moment then calls. Psarras shows Heart KClub 8 for one pair. Varma tables Heart 10Club 6 for two pair and the winning hand.

Hari Varma – 13,340,000
George Psarras – 6,400,000

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