Hand #119: Alexander Yen Wins the 2022-2023 WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open; Anton Wigg Eliminated in 2nd Place ($650,180)

Jan 26, 2022

Champion Alex Yen

Hand #119: Alexander Yen (pictured) completes on the button and Anton Wigg raises to 2 million. Yen calls.

The flop comes Diamond 10Club 8Club 6 and Wigg continuation-bets 4.5 million. Yen calls again.

The turn is the Diamond 6 and Wigg thinks for more than 30 seconds before announcing he’s all in. Yen snap-calls.

Wigg: Club QDiamond Q
Yen: Club 9Club 7

Wigg needs to hit a queen or a six to make a full house and improve beyond Yen’s flopped straight. He’s unable to do so on the river Diamond 4.

Champion Alex Yen

The completed board leaves Yen’s straight best, earning him the pot and eliminating Wigg in second place. After all is said and done, Yen comes into the day as the chip leader and remains there for virtually the entire day.

With Yen’s victory, he earns the top prize of $975,240, bringing his lifetime tournament winnings to over $1.3 million. He also wins the 2022 WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open trophy and will be the next player to have their name etched onto the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup. Congratulations to Alexander Yen!

A full recap of the day’s events will be available shortly.

1st: Alexander Yen – $975,240
2nd: Anton Wigg – $650,180
3rd: Daniel Lazrus – $482,380
4th: Nicholas Verderamo – $361,130
5th: Josh Kay – $272,830
6th: Omar Lakhdari – $208,025

Champion Alex Yen

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