Hand 13: Jerry Robinson Eliminated in Sixth Place ($50,720)

Mar 12, 2019


Jerry Robinson (pictured) raises to 50,000 preflop on the hijack, and Ajay Chabra calls on the big blind. The flop is dealt Ks5c4c, Robinson bets 75,000, and Chabra check-raises to 205,000. Robinson moves all in, and Chabra calls to cover him. The two players then flip over their cards.

Chabra: Ac3c
Robinson: AhAd

Turn and River: 6s7h

Robinson is eliminated in sixth place, good for $50,720, and Chabra stacks up 2,675,000 after collecting the pot thanks to a runner-runner straight.

Ajay Chabra – 2,675,000 (107 bb)
Jerry Robinson – Eliminated in Sixth Place ($50,720)

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