Hand #130: Dylan Linde

Dec 15, 2018

Heads Up

Dylan Linde raises to 550,000 and Milos Skrbic calls in the big blind.

The flop is Spade 2Heart 4Club 10 and Linde bets 450,000 with Skrbic check-calling.

The turn falls the Diamond J and Skrbic checks again over to Linde who bets out 1,500,000.

Skrbic calls, and the river of the Club Q completes the board.

Skrbic checks, and Linde announces he is all in for over 28 million. Skrbic tosses in a time extension chip as he considers calling off his last 6,800,000 in chips.

Eventually Skrbic decides to fold, and Linde captures the pot.

Dylan Linde – 33,250,000
Milos Skrbic – 6,800,000

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