Hand #132: Harry Arutyunyan Doubles Thru Mike Eskandari

Aug 29, 2014

Mike Eskandari raises to 475,000, and Harry Arutyunyan calls.

The flop comes [As10d8c], Arutyunyan bets 525,000, Eskandari snap-raises to 1,100,000, and Arutyunyan thinks for nearly a minute before he reraises to 3,100,000.

Eskandari asks for a count of Arutyunyan’s remaining chips (it’s about 3.4 million), and tanks for a minute and a half before he moves all in.

Arutyunyan quickly calls with [10h8h] for two pair, tens and eights, and Eskandari turns over [Ac7h] for a pair of aces. Arutyunyan needs his hand to hold to stay alive.

The turn card is the [5h], the river card is the [Kd], and Arutyunyan winst he pot with his two pair, tens and eights, to double up in chips. He dashes off the set and into the open arms of his cheerleaders on the rail.

Harut "Harry" Arutyunyan
Harry Arutyunyan  –  14,000,000  (70 bb)
Mike Eskandari  –  4,950,000  (24 bb)

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