Hand #133: Steve Buckner Doubles Thru Chance Kornuth

May 26, 2022

Heads Up Play-7

Chance Kornuth raises to 1,000,000, Steve Buckner thinks for about 20 seconds before he calls.

The flop comes Spade QSpade JDiamond 7, Buckner bets 2,300,000, and Kornuth thinks for about 20 seconds before he calls.

The turn card is the Heart 4, Buckner moves all in for 14,800,000, and Kornuth says, “My kicker’s not so good, cuz.”

Kornuth uses two of his Time Chips, at one point saying, “This is a brutal spot, man.”

After more than a minute, Kornuth calls with Club QHeart 8 for a pair of queens, but Buckner turns over Diamond QSpade 9 for a pair of queens with a higher kicker. Buckner needs his hand to hold to stay alive.

The river card is the Club 3, and Buckner wins the pot with a pair of queens and his nine kicker to double up in chips, knocking Kornuth down to five big blinds.

Seat 1.  Steve Buckner  –  36,700,000  (73 bb)
Seat 5.  Chance Kornuth  –  2,650,000  (5 bb)

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