Hand #134: Veerab Zakarian Doubles Thru James Anderson; Anderson Down to a Single Chip

May 16, 2021

Veerab Zakarian

James Anderson raises to 1.2 million, Veerab Zakarian (pictured) reraises to 4.5 million, and Anderson moves all in for 25.5 million.

Zakarian snap-calls all in for 25.4 million with Heart 6Club 6, and Anderson turns over Heart KClub 5, and he needs to improve to stay alive.

The board comes Club JHeart 9Spade 3Spade 2Spade 6, and Zakarian wins the pot with a set of sixes to double up to a massive chip lead, knocking Anderson down to a single chip.

James Anderson  –  100,000
Veerab Zakarian  –  51,400,000

Champion Veerab Zakarian

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