Hand #137 - They're All In ... But They Chop

May 23, 2007

Cory Carroll has the button, he moves all in, and Little immediately calls with [As 6s]. Carroll has him dominated with [Ac 9d], and he is in a good position to double up here.

Little’s friends in the crowd cheer for a six, but the flop comes [Qh Js 8s], and they immediately change their chant to “Spades! Spades!” Little needs a six or a spade to win the tournament.

The turn card pairs the board with the [8h], and that makes it a likely chop situation (both players have a pair of eights with A-Q-J). Little needs a spade or a six, while Carroll needs a nine to double up.

The river card is the [2d], and they chop the pot.

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